Gerald Green 19 Points Full Highlights (10/26/2018)

Gerald Green remained with the same team over the offseason for only the third time in his 12-year career. He managed two whole years at the start of his career with Boston, two with Phoenix (only because he balled out so hard in the first, he then regressed badly), and now two with the Rockets. The Rockets couldn’t really afford to lose his shooting, or at least his willingness to shoot, since they lost some of their key three-point role-players and replaced them with Carmelo Anthony.

Whose idea was that, anyway? The Rockets are now 1 and 4, thats one win and four losses, everyone is injured or just sucks, and I’m loving it. It’s like the basketball gods said “fine, Harden, have your MVP, but we’re gonna dick you hard all next year”.

Since this is a Gerald Green video and a Gerald Green description, I’m just going to say what everyone wants to hear: the Rockets need to play him more. Play him more, let him shoot more shots, see if he can still dunk, it’s gotta be better than letting MCW do whatever it is that he is trying to do.

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