Jamal Murray 23 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2018)

Jamal Murray needs to be taking/making way more three than he is right now. Only 10 in the first 6 games? I wasn’t calling this guy Maple Curry for no reason. There was a reason, and that reason was that he is the Canadian version of Stephen Curry. He can shoot it from anywhere, and remember, it’s CURRENT YEAR. Everyone is shooting all the time from everywhere. Murray needs to get with the picture and start bombing from deep 10 times a game or he’s not gonna get a three-ilation from me this year. Boom.

One could even say that his relative lack of three-ball shooting this year is hurting his teammates. How many triple-doubles would Jokic have this year if Murray lived up to his nickname? 10? 20? It would be a lot. So not only is he damaging his own stats, he is damaging the stats of others. Selfish. Pure selfishness.

At least the Nuggets are still winning games despite his reticence. They’re gonna make the playoffs for sure this year.

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