Zach Collins 17 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2018)

While compiling this highlights package, I noticed some serious budding chemistry between Nik Stauskas (giving) and Zach Collins (receiving). Blazers fans would probably want chemistry between more important players, like more McCollum/Lillard chemistry or Evan Turner chemistry with something other than bricks. But this is still good. Stauskas gets to continue building a reputation as a smart basketball player (it’s those Canadian genes), and Collins gets to dunk basketballs.

Unrelated, but remember when T.J. Leaf totally dominated this dude in the fourth quarter of one of his first career games? Leaf sucks now, and Collins is good. Funny how things change like that.

This is Collins’ third straight double-digit scoring game (and 71st straight game of his head looking really triangular), equaling the career-high 17 he posted 2 games ago. Now that he’s done it again, there is no need to put “Career High” in the title of this video. 20 points is just around the corner for him, I can feel it. The way he’s shooting and scoring, all it takes is a few free-throws and he’s there easily. I can’t wait.

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