Al Horford Career High 34 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (2/27/2013)

“Big Al” vs. “Big Al”. Al Jefferson vs. Al Horford. Who wins? Horford, of course, because while Jefferson is a good player himself, he doesn’t really play defense. He simply doesn’t have a chance against Horford’s devastating array of jumpers and post moves.

Even though he scored 34, Horford didn’t slack off on the defensive end, picking up 5 rejections, or on the boards, where he got 15 rebounds. Someone remind me why he wasn’t an all-star? Because I can’t figure it out. He’s been destroying everybody lately. White, black, it doesn’t matter.

Al Horford is an equal opportunity destroyer.

Somehow I managed to get in contact with him, so he could write a little something for this description. Thanks Twitter, you’re actually good for something for once. Take it away, Al.

“This is Al Horford. I want to thank DownToBuck for making these sick highlights, and also Al Jefferson for being such a little baby. And my adoring legions of fans. You guys rock. I just wanted to let you all know that you should read the first letter of every paragraph in this description. Horford OUT.

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