Marcus Thornton 36 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (2/26/2013)

In these politically correct times, I don’t understand how Marcus Thornton gets to have the nickname “The Bayou Bomber”. That’s like calling OJ Mayo “The Appalachian Assassinator” or Chris Bosh “The Texan Terrorist”. But I guess it’s better than “MT23”, since your initials + jersey number does not count as a nickname. Are you listening, Chris Paul? CP3 is not a nickname because it doesn’t convey any special meaning! Yeah…his initials are “CP” and his jersey number is “3”…I’m really intimidated now. Why don’t the Clippers announcers start calling him “The Disciple” or something? Come on!

Nicknames aside, it turns out Marcus Thornton can be pretty good sometimes. He’s making Coach Smart look like a moron for only playing him twenty minutes a game. Here we witness him hit a bunch of clutch threes in LeBrick Shames’ face to send the game to OT, and then the Kings revert to their normal selves in the second overtime period. Sorry Kings fans.

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