Kent Bazemore 14 Points Full Highlights (3/15/3013)

Imagine this: a big meatball sub, overflowing with bright red marinara sauce thick with tomato chunks. Divinely melted mozzarella cheese draped over the whole thing, bonded to the bakery-fresh white roll and semi-transparent. Authentic, fresh-out-of-the-garden Italian spices decorate the creation like confetti – basil, oregano, maybe some rosemary. Artfully prepared orbs of pure beef are nestled deep into the delicately-toasted bread nest like newly laid eggs of spherical deliciousness. Every bite is a taste of the most heavenly foodstuff that has ever been prepared by mortal hands, and even when you reach the end of the sub, there is no sadness, only contentedness, for your life has just been altered for the good.

Yeah. I just ate it.

What? Oh. Kent Bazemore. If you tuned in to the fourth quarter of last night’s Golden State-Chicago game, you would have witnessed a blowout nearing its end. You would also have unwittingly tuned in to the “Kent Bazemore Show”, which featured the eponymous Bazemore scoring 14 points on 5-of-6 shooting. I hope this show doesn’t get canceled like the Draymond Green show did.

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