Chandler Parsons 29 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2013)

There is often debate on the internet over a female could play in the WNBA. That discussion has been done to death. What I’m more interested in, is if Chandler “Parsnips” Parsons could play in the WNBA.

I think he’d have difficulty getting his shot off against the superior size and athleticism of WNBA defenders. It’s one thing to look good against inferior competition, but this is another level. He’d be a liability on defense, undersized and slow. It would be like a layup line for the other team unless they constantly double Parson’s woman, which would lead to open looks for her teammates.

But Parsons has one attribute that would give him a tremendous advantage: his boyish good looks and smoldering gaze. All he’d have to do is look amorously at the opposition and then waltz in for open layups as they swoon. A foolproof game plan.

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