Raymond Felton 27 Points Full Highlights (4/28/2013)

I interviewed some Portlandians to gauge their opinions on Raymond Felton. Here’s a sampling of the responses I got.

“That guy was such a bum. He got paid millions of dollars, it doesn’t matter if he wanted to stay with the Knicks, there’s was no excuse to dog it like he did. He played like he hated Portland. Well we hated him too.”

“I hear the food is good in New York.”

“I’m too busy being a hipster to care about basketball. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a veganism support group to attend.”

“Where’s Greg? Greg? Is that you? How are your knees? What do you mean you’re not Greg Oden? WHERE IS HE?”

“Who cares about that guy anymore? We’ve got Damian Lillard, bitches.”

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