Marco Belinelli 22 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (5/2/2013)

I love Tom Thibodeau. His rotations are so ridiculous. Marco Belinelli played four minutes in game four of this series, but due to Luol Deng’s “flu-like symptoms” (code term for too much partying), Marco played forty minutes last night. And here’s something crazier: Derrick Rose is totally healthy, but Thibodeau didn’t even play him one minute! It’s like he doesn’t want to win!

Also, Marco Belinelli is Italian. That fact has no bearing on anything, but it does mean that when you get invited over to his house (which I do often) he makes the best fettuccine Alfredo. And those little toast thingies with the olive oil and cheese on them…crostini or whatever, those are pretty good too. I keep trying to get his recipe but every time I talk to him he tells me to leave or he’s gonna call the cops. I’m like, dude, it’s just a recipe, you don’t need to call the cops. And then he says that I’m trespassing, and I’m like, you invited me bro! Well, not really, usually I just invite myself, but I’m a member of the press and I do what I want.

Anyway, I’m actually in his house right now while he’s at practice, and I’ve torn the place up, and I can’t find his friggin’ recipes. Marco, I need your Italian toast recipe. Those things are so good. I did find his booze stash, so I’m totally wrecked right now, but I poured myself a big bowl of cinnamon toast crunch to clear my head.

That was way too much whiskey. Putting it in the cereal was not a smart idea. I’m going to take a little nap here…

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[Update: I’m in jail right now. Not cool.]

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