Andrea Bargnani 16 Points/3 Blocks/2 Techs/1 Ejection Full Highlights

If you told me during the offseason that the Knicks were gonna suck really bad, I could have given a very good guess as to why.

Andrea Bargnani.

But I would have been wrong. He’s actually playing pretty decently, especially considering the hebetude of everyone around him. Making shots on one end and blocking them on the other, trash talking KG, this guy is doing it all.

Speaking of Kevin Garnett, can anyone tell what it is that Bargnani said to him as he ran up the court? Is it Italian? Normally I can lipread this kind of stuff, but not this time. I’d love to know. Probably something like “I served your mom Primo pasta and sauce and then I served her MY primo pasta and sauce.”

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