Dion Waiters 30 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2013)

So apparently Dion Waiters did NOT punch Kyrie Irving in the face for being a chucker who doesn’t make his teammates better. He just called him out on it. And then exchanged words with Tristan Thompson, who should learn to just stay out of other people’s business. The reason for the heated exchange? Waiters thinks he is unfairly singled out for sucking on a team full of people who are sucking, and gets benched for making mistakes while Irving and Thompson get free reign. I totally feel him. I’d be pissed too if I was the 4th overall pick and everyone hated me.

And what better way to get back at the haters than scoring 30 points while Irving lays a gigantic red and gold colored egg? Even before this stinker I’ve noticed the public opinion on Kyrie shift a ton so far this season. People used to love him. I admit I used to have a seat on his bandwagon. But now that his supposedly playoff-caliber team is playing badly with him as the main culprit, well, let’s say the bandwagon is a little light right now.

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