Cody Zeller 10 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (12/6/2013)

I know a lot of Cody Zeller fans are going to be watching this video, so I don’t want to be loose with the critical remarks, but…

Is Cody Zeller a huge bust? Or did the Bobcats purposely stunt his development by signing Al Jefferson in free agency? It seems to be a combination of both. A rookie will never reach his potential unless he is given minutes, but for a maybe-playoffs team like the Bobcats, you can’t just give a ton of minutes to somebody who sucks, just because you drafted him…wait, what is this? 4th? CODY ZELLER WAS DRAFTED 4TH OVERALL???? A guy who apparently can’t even shoot 40% from the field even though he’s seven feet tall?

It shouldn’t surprise me. This is the same team that drafted Bustmack Biyombo 7th and Michael Kidd-Gilbust 2nd, two players whose ceiling is to be a decent role-player on a team that loses in the first round. This is also the same team whose sole recent playoff appearance was driven by the big three of Gerald Wallace, Raymond Felton, and Stephen Jackson, which is pretty funny looking back on it.

Maybe MJ thinks that if he changes the team back to the Hornets and brings back the swag(?) teal and purple jerseys, nobody will remember that he is the worst evaluator of talent in the entire NBA.

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