Terrence Jones 16 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (12/8/2013)

The Rockets are said to be searching for a stretch 4 for trade. It makes sense when you have a dominant (or potentially dominant, anyway) center and a star shooting guard. Maybe Ryan Anderson? Ersan Ilyasova? That’s about all I can think of.

But do they really need a new one? They already have Terrence Jones! He can shoot threes, kind of. He has a more typical PF game than a prototypical stretch four. And the Rockets seem to be doing pretty good with him starting. They also have Donatas, who if he improves can become a reasonable shooting bigman off the bench. So I don’t know if the Rockets shouldn’t just stand pat and see where this roster takes them.

But I’m not a GM. I’ve already called Terrence a bust like dozens of times, so obviously my talent evaluation leaves something to be desired.

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