Jeremy Lamb Career High 18 Points Full Highlights (12/11/2013)

Jeremy Lamb is finally playing well for the Thunder. It only took him 100 or so games. Better late than never, as they always say.

So to reward Jeremy for his suddenly good play the Thunder are apparently looking to trade him. They might be out of luck, though, because I can’t think of any teams who would want a young, dynamic scorer who is still on his rookie deal. Maybe they can get a second round pick for him or something.

That last paragraph was sarcasm. I have no idea why the Thunder would even entertain the idea of a Lamb trade. It’d be like what the Bucks did with Tobias Harris. Never give up on promising talent too early. Ever. The Thunder already screwed up the Harden situation. Now they want to trade the best piece from that deal? I’m beginning to think that the Thunder front office is overrated. Yeah, they’re a contender. Any team can be a contender with Durant on it.

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