Nate Wolters Career High 18 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/11/2013)

The Bucks are so bad right now. They are definitely the worst team in the league. At least the Jazz have the excuse of playing in the west. The Bucks get to play all the crappy teams in the east and they still look horrible. If their roster was constructed with the intent to win games, than they have failed harder, perhaps, than any team previously.

The only bright spots are their two rookies, who both look (sometimes) like NBA players. This is notable because their first-rounder, Antetokounmpo, is supposed to be a super-raw prospect, and their second-rounder, Nate Wolters, is, well, a second-rounder.

He has already supplanted Luke Ridnour for point guard minutes. I bet he can overtake Brandon Knight as well. That guys sucks. I don’t think he’s ever gotten 7 assists in a single game. Maybe multiple games.

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