Mirza Teletovic 17 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (12/13/2013)

“You guys sure this good idea? I very afraid of heights.” Mirza remarked as he was led, blindfolded, through the streets of Brooklyn by the entirety of his Nets teammates.

“Don’t worry Mirza, everything will be fine. What better way to build up your confidence by having you bungee jump off the Brooklyn Bridge?” said Kevin Garnett with a dismissive yet unseen wave of the hand. “We’ve got experts here to assist with the attempt. As I said, everything will be fine. Look we’re almost there. Oh, wait, you can’t see anything. But trust me on this.”

“I don’t know if I can go through with this, guys. I’m leaving.” He made to turn back around, but Brook Lopez and Alan Anderson corralled him, held his arms down, and marched him to the launching point. “Really, this no good plan. I have many confidence. No need for hasty.”

Mirza could feel the assistors checking his gear, preparing him for the descent. They gave the thumbs-up, indicated that Mirza was good to go, at least physically. Garnett gave a wry smile.

“Looks like everything is ready. Here we go!”

Mirza began to protest once again, but the words were replaced by a yelp of terror as he was pushed off the side of the bridge by Garnett. His screams grew fainter as he descended toward the surface of the water, than louder as he made his rebound. Mirza’s oscillation continued for a while before he was hoisted back up to the span of the bridge. The crew bustled to unharness him, and after his blindfold was removed, he fell onto the sidewalk.

“How do you feel?” Anderson inquired.

“Like puke. In Bosnia we never do such stupid actions. Who think it good idea to jump off bridge? Only suicidals.”

Lopez spoke up. “Well if you’re gonna hurl you better do it soon, cause we got a game tomorrow. I hope this improved your confidence in your three ball. I know it worked for my post game.”

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