Beno Udrih 21 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/18/2013)

Beno “Bueno” Udrih is the proud owner of the lamest haircut in the NBA. “Lack of haircut” would actually be a better term. Bueno, you know I respect your PG skills, and I still think you’re a viable starter on a team that doesn’t need scoring out of the point guard position, but I was rocking that style in fifth grade. Does your mom still pick out your clothes too? I can tell you, in fifth grade, I certainly was not the object of female desire that I am now.

Here’s some advice from one bro to another bro: you need to do some styling or you will never get laid. Women care about two things: money and haircut. You’ve got the money part taken care of. Now we just need to get you into a hair salon. Heck, you could just rumple it up with your hand. If you were black you could just shave it, but since you’re white, you gotta do some spikes or a manbun or something. Even frosted tips would be an improvement.

Anybody else is welcome to chime in with suggestions for improvements. As they say, “it takes a village to improve the hairstyle of a thirty-year-old who looks like he just crawled out of preschool.”

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