John Henson 20 Points Full Highlights (12/18/2013)

John Henson was pretty clutch against the Knicks. Game-tying putback with .3 seconds left? Sweet pea soup. But he was also pretty unclutch. Missing a potential game winning jumper? Eh, I guess the Bucks are tanking, so it’s cool.

Of course, he should never, ever, be taking jumpers at this stage in his career. He pretty much only takes them when he’s wide open and he still can’t make them. His post moves on the other hand (Get it? OTHER HAND! Because he always uses his left hand even though he’s a rightie! LOL) are a wonder to behold. He turned Carmelo into a pretzel and then dipped him in mustard. Andrea Bargnani’s one defense skill is defending the post; yet Henson outmaneuvered him easily.

But while it’s cool to watch, post play is in general an inefficient proposition. Sweeping lefty hooks are not the highest quality shot. Combine that and Henson’s inability to make free throws, and you get a TS% nightmare. Or is it EFg%? I can’t remember. Damn advanced stats.

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