Pero Antic Career High 16 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (1/3/2014)

So apparently Greeks don’t like Macedonians? I only ask because on the NBA’s highlight of Pero Antic being clutch there were some Greeks using the term “Monkey-donians”. I guess a few bigots have to ruin it for everybody.

They’re just jealous, anyway, that Macedonia actually has a native-born player in the NBA. All the Greeks have is a dude of Nigerian ancestry who was denied citizenship until he became famous and some Americans with Greek ancestry who play for the national team. Pero Antic is full-blooded Macedonian. (Before you get angry this paragraph was all tongue-in-cheek. The next is not.)

Of course, nationalism and its attached problems are one of the worst aspects of modern society. Who cares about that stuff anyway? Only people without accomplishments of their own, who need the glory of others to hide their own inadequacies. I get that the concept of nations has various economic and logistical benefits, but can we just forget about the concepts of race and nationality? No? Damn.

Also Pero scored 16 points. With Horford out we can expect more minutes for this dude. So that’s cool.

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