Jusuf Nurkic 14 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (1/4/2015)

Here’s what I’ve found out about Europeans in the course of writing descriptions and witnessing the fallout from them:

They don’t like it when you say anything negative about their country, even in jest.

I mean, as an American, I see people dissing the country I live in all the time. And I don’t care, because my status as a citizen of the USA grants me no additional self-worth and makes up no part of my crafted identity. But that’s not how Europeans roll. Nationalism and patriotism are valued out of necessity from Europe’s checkered past. That’s what trying to fit a million different cultures on a tiny peninsula will do, and that’s cool.

So when I said I like Herzegovina 20 times better than Bosnia, I was joking. Obviously I have no experience with either, thought I would guess they are about equal in quality.

I’m just mad because my last Nurkic video has a horrible like-to-dislike ratio because of an ill-timed joke. How you could even dislike a video showing the Bosnian Beast angrily rejecting shots and dunking is beyond me. Hopefully this one fares better, I don’t think I’ve said anything too inflammatory this time.

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