Jeremy Tyler Career High 17 Points Full Highlights (1/28/2014)

Can you believe the Knicks gave a roster spot to Chris Smith instead of this guy? I know Jeremy was injured, blah blah blah, nepotism, whatever. But come on. Jeremy Tyler, in this single NBA game, has shown more than Chris Smith has or ever will show in the D-League. JR Smith’s negative presence on the Knicks knows no bounds.

But mistakes have been rectified, and now Jeremy Tyler is getting some minutes in the stead of the oft-dead Amar’e Stoudemire. I think I even saw flashes of prime Amar’e’s game in some of the stuff Jeremy Tyler was doing out there. That reverse dunk was nasty. And those midrange jumpers were pure.

I know he can’t do this every game, but if he turns out to be a decent backup big that would be a huge boon to the Knicks. Have Carmelo play at the 3 spot, start Chandler and Tyler as the bigs, yeah, I could see playoffs resulting from that.

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