David West 25 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2014)

David West is the third best player on a contender, yet there is almost no hype around him. Is it because he’s kinda old? Or has an unathletic, below-the-rim game? Maybe his stupid beard is to blame? Whatever the cause, I’ve been trying my hardest to get more people to pay attention to this all-star forward.

My latest project is to try to get #DavidWestAppreciation to trend on twitter. I wrote a program that tweets every two seconds “I love @D_West30 #DavidWestAppreciation” from each of my fourteen twitter accounts, but I found that they all got banned pretty quickly. This is total horsecrap. They can’t suppress my free speech, given that this is America and the constitution says that I get to post anything I want on the internet. I wasn’t even posting “spam” as Twitter claims. This is a social justice project.

I tried to get my followers to keep fighting the fight, but it turns out that I don’t even have followers? What is a follower anyway? The only thing I know about Twitter is that I can use their API to make David West-related tweets every two seconds.

Somebody should retweet this description so the campaign starts picking up steam again. Maybe I should share this video to Twitter too. Do you need to have a twitter account to do that? What about Instagram?

Computers are hard.

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