Andre Drummond 18 Points/22 Rebounds Full Highlights (3/9/2014)

So apparently Andre Drummond is no longer going out with Jennette McCurdy. It escaped my notice that that relationship ended a long time ago. I can imagine the conversation: “Oh Andre you have so many good qualities but how am I supposed to tell my friends that I’m going out with a guy who can’t even shoot fifty percent from the line? And I can barely walk anymore.”

But how am I supposed to keep track when basketball-reference doesn’t include relationship stats? I guess the upshot of this is that people won’t get to post pictures of tiny mice eating comparatively huge bananas in forum threads about Andre Drummond anymore. Or, they still can, but the joke will be stale and antiquated. What a shame.

If Andre is totally heartbroken and will never love again, he’s not showing it on the basketball court, where he continues to do Drummond-esque things. His rebounding is dominant, his free throw shooting is still comical, and he owns the paint but can’t do anything outside it. But who cares about his faults? Shaq had faults too and that didn’t stop him (actually he could have been GOAT with a jumper).

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