Luke Babbitt 11 Points/3 Threes Full Highlights (3/21/2014)

Luke “Babbers” Babbitt might have the ugliest haircut in the NBA. Actually, it’s a tie between him and Andrei Kirilenko; both have the “hair helmet” thing going, and both of them look stupid. News flash: it’s not the 60’s anymore, half the Beatles are dead, and mod fashion is no longer what’s “in”. Now, if Babbers were to rock a Hitler youth or some other fashionable haircut, that would be the coolest thing ever. I would probably buy a Babbers jersey for that reason alone.

Hair aside, Babbers, for the first time in his career, actually helped his team win a game. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. He was a necessary component of the Pelicans’ comeback against the Hawks. No longer is he only a guy who shoots a few threes in garbage time: he now can shoot threes at other times as well!

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