Ramon Sessions 28 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/24/2014)

One of the biggest and most startling deals of the trade deadline was when the Bucks traded franchise cornerstones Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour for Ramon Sessions and an angry looking huge black dude.

So who won the trade? At first glance, obviously Charlotte, because they’re in the playoffs and the Bucks have the worst record in the league. When looking at the actual players involved, the Bucks turn into the victors. (a rare occurrence!)

Ridnour has been bad. Gary Neal has been mixed, alternating good games with not good games, including last night’s game where he earned the accolade “worst performer of the night”. Total winshares for the two of them: .5

Meanwhile, Sessions is scoring a lot and getting to the line a lot. And that big angry black dude? He’s getting big angry rebounds and hustling all over the place to make up for his lack of skills. Total winshares for the two of them: 3.0

Bucks win! That’s no consolation for Bucks fans, who don’t really want to see two journeymen take up tons of minutes that could go to Giannis or DJ Stephens. But at least these new guys aren’t team cancers. Screw you Gary.

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