Tim Hardaway Jr. 17 Points Full Highlights (3/25/2014)

For a team that still has playoff aspirations, the Knicks didn’t show much in their blowout loss to the Lakers last night. Where’s the urgency? Do they suck because they ‘don’t know how to win’? Does the other team ‘want it more than them’?

It baffles me that sports pundits and commentators still use phrases like that. What kind of pro athlete doesn’t want to win? There may be a few cases of players who don’t give it their all (on defense mainly, scoring is too much fun), but for the most part everybody does what Sheed wants them to do.

The Lakers just got hot for a quarter. Nothing more, nothing less. No one said they couldn’t score the basketball. It was the perfect kind of game (the blowout kind) for Tim Hardaway Jr. to score a ton of points, but he didn’t do much in the 4th and only ended up with 17. At least if the Knicks aren’t gonna make the playoffs they could try to boost his ROY credentials. No more shots for Melo.

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