Anthony Morrow 27 Points Full Highlights (3/26/2014)

Tickets are now on sale for my next seminar, which is entitled “Anthony Morrow: The Best Role-Player Ever?” At this talk, I will lay out my argument for Anthony Morrow being better than any current or past role-player in terms of playing his role. Some guy on YouTube called DownToBuck (that’s me!) has made some sweet highlight videos that I will use to strengthen my point. I will also show video of Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon to illustrate that Morrow should be starting over both of them at the shooting guard position. I even got a picture of Anthony Davis with championship rings photoshopped onto his fingers to show what will happen if Morrow and Davis start alongside each other for a whole season. Also on display will be my sick Powerpoint skills. Can you say transitions!?

Last time I gave one of these talks, nobody showed up, even though I put up fliers at at least four different grocery stores. Is $100 a ticket is a little too high? Maybe. But you’re not going to get basketball wisdom like this for cheap.

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