Enes Kanter 18 Points Full Highlights (3/30/2014)

The wholly depressing Jazz season is coming to an end. Did anything at all go right for them this year? They lack any point guard besides a rookie and they expect Richard Jefferson to contribute. The anticipated KanFavors tandem has not worked out to the expected level, which may be the biggest reason they aren’t very good.

Maybe the KanBert tandem would work out better? Rudy Gobert is like the exact opposite kind of center from Enes Kanter. It’s the end of the season. Why not try starting them together? Like an opposites attract sort of thing. Imagine lobs from Kanter to Gobert. View that image in your mind…

No dude. Those are tits. Lets try again. Imagine Gobert executing post moves inspired by Kanter’s own. See within your mind’s eye a devastating post combo of Kanter and Gobert…

Nope. Still thinking about tits. Is that all you ever think about?

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