Mike Dunleavy 22 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (3/31/2014)

In addition to his myriad talents in the art of highlight compiling, DownToBuck is also an expert in the field of SEO, or search-engine optimization.

I utilized both these skills in the presentation of this video. You can see my usual artistry at work as Dunleavy scores 22 points. But look also at the title of the video. Does anything stand out? Something should. “1 Dunk”

Why would I include such a thing in the title? Dunks are a common part of the NBA landscape. The inclusion of one measly slam is not enough to warrant its mention in the title, surely. But remember: SEO! Now, when people search “Mike Dunleavy Dunk” on YouTube, they will be directed to this video, and can see what they desire. This, in turn, will lead to more glory for the increasingly omnipresent DownToBuck YouTube empire! My purview grows ever wide!

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