Nando De Colo 10 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/4/2014)

With Nando De Colo now on the Raptors, has his presence increased interest in the team among Canadian Francophones? Or do French-speaking Canadians not even care about French people? I would look up this information but I’m too lazy. I need real-life Canadians to tell me.

I know some French people are going to be tuning in for this video, so I’m going to leave them a secret message encoded in their special secret code language:

Bonjour mes amis en France. DownToBuck veut que vous sachiez que je pense que vous êtes une bande de poules mouillées efféminés avec un goût malheureux pour méchant, fromage puant. Amérique forte! Amérique fière! USA USA USA!

I’m so good at this France stuff. I should be a diplomat for real.

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