Isaiah Canaan Career High 15 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (4/6/2014)

The point guard situation for the Houston Rockets got pretty screwed up when Patrick Beverley went down due to karma. You expect a little discombobulation whenever a starter dies, and the Rockets do have a starter-quality backup in Jeremy Lin. But Lin’s backup? How does Isaiah Canaan sound?

Not very good, I know. He’s the latest call-up from the Rockets ongoing D-League experiments. You know that team that does nothing but runs up and down shooting layups and threes? Yeah.

I thought about doing highlights for this guy when he scored 14, but he only made three shots that game. This is way better. I’m glad to be able to add this guy to my collection. Next up: Robert Covington! Oh wait. I think that ship has sailed.

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