Klay Thompson 33 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (4/6/2014)

Klay Thompson got his 33 points in only three quarters of action. It stands to reason, then, that he would have gotten forty if he had been left in for at least part of the fourth quarter.

I’m calling you out, Mark Jackson. People want forty-point games. If you think you can just take your stars out of the game before they hit important scoring milestones, you can think again. I am actually on a plane to San Francisco right now, and once I get off, I’m going to find you. What will happen next is something I’m keeping under wraps, but whatever it might be, you’re going to wish I wasn’t doing it to you.

I mean, come on. Jodie Meeks got 40. Jodie frickin’ Meeks! Under no circumstances should Jodie Meeks end his career with more 40-burgers than Klay. That’s blasphemy, plain and simple. People have been condemned to hell for lesser sins. Keep it mind, Mark.

And I also kinda wish the cutie sitting next to me would pay me some attention. I’m going to type this really loudly so maybe she’ll look over at my screen and see these words. You’re cute! Go out with me? 😉

It didn’t work.

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