Luis Scola 20 Points Full Highlights (4/22/2014)

Plans are in motion and contracts drawn up for DownToBuck’s next business venture: the NBA full-court food-court. Basketball food and fun for the whole family! Featuring such delightful establishments as Crowder’s Chowders, Tiago’s Banana Splitters and Andrea’s Primo Pasta Palace.

But who would provide the beverages? I’ve got the alcohol covered by Larry Sanders’ Champagnes of the World, but a food court needs soft drinks. Not a problem! I’ve already utilized my considerable creative and entrepreneurial talents and arrived at the solution: sCola! The cola with an Argentine flair! Served in stylish glass bottles with a bottle-cap in the likeness of Luis himself, complete with hair!

The Argentine flair I speak of comes in the form of flavors inspired by the rich cuisine of Argentina. Namely, beef. The first prototype has been produced already. It’s just Pepsi with beef tallow mixed in but let me tell you, it’s a new taste sensation. So good. I’m gonna try it next with Coca-Cola and carne asada.

I’ve talked with Scola about this and he seems he cool with it. Actually he didn’t respond to the barrage of tweets I sent him, though he must have seen them cause it was like 50 so his silence is telling. I’m going ahead with the venture.

Please refrain from hating. This is a good idea.

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