Beno Udrih 14 Points Full Highlights (4/21/2014)

Beno Udrih has not gotten much burn this year. In theory the Knicks could have used somebody like him; a point guard who likes to pass but can also score a little bit. Alas, he remained buried on the bench even after a few good games because Mike Woodson fancies himself a basketball savant but is actually just really bad. His decision to not play Beno led directly to his firing, I’m sure.

He hasn’t played much in Memphis either, because Conley is really good and deserves all the minutes, and Calathes doesn’t have any hair.

Now that it’s been revealed that Calathes was trying to artificially enhance his muscle mass to compensate for his hairline, Udrih gets to show his stuff. That stuff being mainly mid-range jumpers. That’s always been his game; his three ball isn’t consistent and he only drives if there’s a decent hole to hit.

So no we know that Udrih is still capable in a backup role. But the real question still remains: why do Slovenians hate him so much?

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