Russell Westbrook All 30 Dunks Full Highlights (2013-14 Dunkilation)

30 dunks. That’s it. You know who else dunked it 30 times? Tyler Zeller. Stick to your crappy pull-up midrange jumpers, Russ.

Aw come on man, you know I was just playing. You know I think you are one of the sickest dunkers in the league, man. Who would think a little dude like you could dunk it so hard and with such regularity?

No, of course not, sir. I wasn’t meaning to imply anything about the size of you or your little friend. I just meant little relatively speaking you know?

Yes sir.

I’ve got it, Mr. Westbrook.

I assure you that I edited this video to maximize your marketability. DownToBuck does not cut corners when it comes to pleasing his clients. Every dunk is included, even those crappy ones where you didn’t even really touch the rim, haha!

Sorry, sir. I will keep the editorial comments to myself from now on.

What? Yes, of course I think you deserved to be the MVP! A player of your caliber deserves to be recognized as the best in the game.

I agree. Kevin is not a very good teammate. Those comments he made during his MVP speech, the speech you yourself should have been giving, were totally out of line. I’m surprised you didn’t choke him out right there in front of his blubberin’ momma.

I would have voted for you, Russ, but you know I don’t have the credentials to vote for the end-of-season awards. Something about not being a ‘serious’ media member or something. Don’t be like that. Now, about my compensation. Making these highlights is hard work, and I got mouths to feed. My cats only like the fanciest of feasts.

Have it your way. 15,000 dollars is not unreasonable, but if you are going to withhold payment then I guess I have no choice but to upload the video on my own channel, complete with slanderous comments. I have ruined many a career with the intensity and pointedness of my descriptions. Keep that in mind, Mr. Westbrook.

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