Terrence Ross All 25 Dunks Full Highlights (2013-14 Season Dunkilation)

Man. For all the dunking power contained within Terrence Ross’ loins, he only dunked it 25 times. That’s not very many. Andre Drummond had 25 in one game. Brittney Griner probably had more in her rookie WNBA season. Even if you put ME in the NBA, I would only dunk it 25 fewer times than Terrence Ross did this season. That’s screwed up.

To be honest with you, this video is more disappointing than entertaining. There’s some really sick dunks, but it’s a hollow sort of sickness. What if Stephen Curry only shot a three every two games? Or if your girlfriend of four years just broke it off by telling you that she’s tired of you spending all your time on the computer, even though you know for a fact that she’s been sending sexy texts to a rival highlight maker? That’s what this video is like.

This should serve as a wake-up call to Terrence: if you want the internet masses to care about you as a player, you need to dunk it at least 200 times in one season. We refuse to settle for less! Rise and revolt!

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