Terrence Ross 23 Points Full Highlights (2/4/2015)

Toronto’s hot start meant that they could screw around for the rest of the season and still make the playoffs. And that’s what they seem to be doing. Everyone is regressing, except for maybe Jonas Valanciunas, it’s hard to tell what he’s doing because he doesn’t get to touch the ball.

Count Terrence Ross among those who have regressed. His downfall hasn’t been as bad as some of his teammates because he’s never been actually that good, but it still kind of sucks. It’s kind of a small sample size, however, and we know that he’s capable of getting hot and putting up good numbers, like tonight. 23 points is good for the Raptors faithful to imagine trading him while some GM is tricked into thinking he’s still good.

I’ve noticed that lots of fans think similar thought about bad players. Do they really think that a GM just looks at the most recent boxscore when considering trade possibilities, and can make decisions without any input from his scouts or coaching staff? This isn’t the old days.

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