Jorge Gutierrez Career High 13 Points Full Highlights (2/6/2015)

I don’t know…should I put “Career High” in the title or nah? It’s hard to say if Gutti Mane has a future with the Bucks, and if he doesn’t make it with them, there’s no guarantee that another team gives him a chance. Since he’s 26, he’s not really an “upside” guy anymore, so the only reason a team would pick him up is if they needed an instant third-string PG, just add water. Taking all those circumstances into account, this could very well be his career high in the NBA.

Then again, if any team needs a backup PG, it’s the Bucks. Jorge’s roster spot was an exception granted by the league because Larry Sanders is an aspiring skateboard designer who likes playing basketball as much as he likes Albanians. When that nut comes back to the team to ruin all the chemistry, it’s either Gutti Mane or Irish Kobe who’s saying bye-bye.

What I’m thinking is we keep Jorge, cut O’Bryant, buy out Sanders, then try to get Gustavo Ayon from Real Madrid. Mexico would suddenly be awash in green-and-red Bucks gear.

Hola a todos mis amigos en México. Acabo de beber un refresco Jarritos, el otro día, así que estoy un mexicano de honor, ¿no?

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