Tobias Harris 34 Points Full Highlights (2/6/2015)

So the Magic have fired Jacque-off Vaughn. Finally. It means I never get to use that clever nickname again, but I’m fine with that. Now Tobias Harris will finally be freed! Right? This game was the proof! 34 points with a new coach who recognizes his unique scoring abilities!

Don’t get too excited.

The Magic want to bring in Scott Skiles to fill the vacancy. You know, the guy who didn’t let Tobes play at all his first two years, the guy who robbed us of valuable development time. Who knows how good Tobias would be if he received normal development? We could be looking at an All-Star right now.

Harris is likely too far along to be benched entirely by Skiles, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his minutes went down again. I hate you, Scott Skiles. Take your single-game assist record and your gaggle of illegitimate children somewhere where you can’t taint Tobey-bear anymore.

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