Anthony Morrow 16 Points Full Highlights (2/19/2015)

I guess it’s time to give out some midseason awards, now that the All-Star break has come and gone. I won’t bore you with most of the winners; there is only one that is pertinent to this video. The winner for the “Most Incessantly Hyped-Up Player” category is:

Anthony Morrow!

When he’s not freaking out on the bench, giving endless dap to any teammate who is subbing in or out, he’s freaking out on the court, giving endless dap to any teammate who makes a shot or does anything, really. But his hyped-ness really ramps up when he himself converts a field goal, his face contorting into expressions of ferocity and intensity, his mouth spewing profanities and inviting others to join him in the excitement.

Numerous players in the league also show these properties, but only Anthony Morrow is capable of lasting the whole 48. Where others may be restrained, such as during a blowout loss, Morrow remains undeterred, a true warrior of camaraderie. From him we can all learn a thing or two about never ever shutting up ever and always treating a made basket like it clinched the Finals.

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