Toney Douglas 15 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/11/2015)

Toney “Baloney” Douglas is just the next in a succession of point guards that the Pelicans are trying out for the backup spot. And boy, is it an ugly list:

-Russ Smith (literally who?)
-Austin Rivers (had to be rescued by his dad because the Celtics were going to send him to the D-League)
-Jimmer Fredette (embroiled in the depths of a fry sauce addiction from which escape is impossible)
-Gal Mekel (maybe the worst out of this bunch, oy vey)
-Nate Wolters (his prime is already over since it occurred his senior year of college)
-Toney Douglas (can’t stick anywhere because he can’t run an offense)

Since my man Baloney is the best dude on the list, there’s a chance he stays on for the rest of the season. Pels fans better pray extra hard for Jesus to place his healing touch upon Jrue Holiday’s shattered legs.

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