Adreian Payne 11 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2015)

“Wow, eleven points in his first start, pretty good game for the rook,” you might say as you struggle to decide whether or not you really watch this video.

Throw off the chains of deception, I command you! Adreian Payne did indeed score eleven points in his first start. However, the critical piece of missing information is that it took him fifteen shots to reach that mark. Not exactly a great outing, and normally I would just ignore it, but there are no minutes guarantees in the NBA, so I have to make this video while I have a chance.

I mean, I almost didn’t do Lorenzo Brown’s 11 points from a few weeks ago, and now look. That guy is never going to get more than two minutes in a single game ever again. The SF/PF position is a little more open in Minnesota than point guard, due to the untimely death of Shabazz Muhammad, but I’m guessing Payne will never again get this long a leash until he learns how to make shots.

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