Hollis Thompson 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/23/2015)

“Alcohollis” Thompson really caught the attention of the Heat commentators this game. They characterized him as a “big who can shoot”, when he’s really just a “wing who can shoot” (a much more common find in the NBA). This again proves that the commentators are more for entertainment than informational purposes, but we already knew that.

If I’m the 76ers, I use the Heat’s interest in Alcohollis against them. How’s this for a trade:

76ers get:
-Chris Bosh
-James Ennis
-An unwrapped stick of beef jerky that Pat Riley found underneath the seat of his car

Heat get:
-Hollis Thompson
-Jason Richardon’s recently reanimated corpse
-A cheesesteak with instructions on how to reheat it

The 76ers do it because they replace a corpse who can help win games (Richardson) with a corpse who will not help win games any time soon (Bosh). The Heat do it because, well, apparently the commentators really like Hollis Thompson.

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