Elijah Millsap 17 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2015)

Elijah Millsap has begun the long, arduous journey of crawling out from the underneath the shadow of his more successful, higher-paid brother. The darkness which had seemed so impenetrable just a year ago is now brightening to a sort of dusky gray. Somewhere in the far distance, the sun shines, but Elijah has never experienced the kiss of its rays upon his flesh, and, up until recently, he doubted that such a source of light could even exist. His whole life was a deep blackness as he was fully eclipsed by his brothers. Now he walks, walks the long path, knowing for the first time that his steps are not in vain.

On this night, Elijah scored 17, and his brother Paul scored 15. This is the breakthrough that has allowed hope to pierce the despair.

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