John Henson 21 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2015)

You might expect John Henson to step into the role the Bucks have been grooming him for, now that Larry Sanders has chosen Kush over basketball. Not unreasonable to think that he could elevate his play and become the Bucks’ starting center of the future.

It is not to be. Zaza Pachulia is not the center of anybody’s future, yet the Bucks have started him for large portions of the year. Henson has problems with big centers; he gets pushed around in the paint easily, and his rebounding is not nearly as good as it was even in his rookie season. Zaza, on the other hand, is pretty much immobile at this point, which is useful for maintaining position for rebounds, even if he can’t jump to get them.

Do not be fooled these 21 points. Every performance against the 76ers automatically comes with an asterisk. Nerlens Noel might be the one center who loses position quicker than Henson. And JaVale McGee is never in position to begin with.

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