Joffrey Lauvergne 11 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2015)

I tried to find a better thumbnail image, I really did. This is just how Joffrey Lauvergne looked the whole time he was on the court, mouth constantly agape, huffing and puffing for air. Poor guy, he didn’t expect to play this many minutes and the air in Denver is so damn thin.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start next game for the Nuggets. He has shown good rebounding both so far in his NBA career as well as in Europe, and he can hit threes! Isn’t that what every team wants? A big who can stretch the floor and grab boards?

I don’t know how injured Jusuf Nurkic really is, but Joffrey could def become the next Nurkic. Actually, a combo of Nurkic and Evan Fournier. Yeah. Seems about right.

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