Jonas Jerebko 16 Points Full Highlights (2/27/2015)

In my last video I expressed surprise that Swedish people have a habit of putting doner kebab meat on their pizzas. I demanded an explanation for this inexplicable behavior, threatening to withhold further Jonas Jerebko highlights until a sufficient answer was given. Since I’m making these highlights and not just ignoring Jonas’ impressive performance, that means that some kind YouTuber was able to inform me of the situation

The answer is immigrants. Immigrants made it this way. Just like they introduced taco pizzas to the United States, they introduced doner kebab pizzas to Sweden. Now you know.


Why are Swedish meatballs so nasty? More importantly, do Swedish people even eat the dish that I understand to be Swedish meatballs? I want to puke just thinking about them. That sauce is so nasty, and the entire dish taken together looks like something that you would find in a bar toilet at two in the morning, except that the bar toilet would smell better.

Come on Swedes. You have to step up your culinary game if I’m ever going to take you or your country seriously.

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