Mike Dunleavy 21 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (2/27/2015)

Mike Dunleavy is allegedly a dirty player who everybody in the league absolutely despises. There are also rumors that he is a grade A douchebag off the court as well. But can you blame a guy? He’s a millionaire. Millionaires, by rule, get to do whatever they want. For 48 minutes he has to put a ball in a ring, then he can just, for no reason, go and piss off everybody he meets, because they’re useless to him. There is no need for friends or happiness when you have enough money to add a ninth bedroom to your house constructed out of wads of one-dollar bills.

He also has a douchey looking face. It’s a face that says “I’m better than you” when you look at it. That’s the kind of face where you just want to haul off and dent it with your fists.

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