Andre Miller 12 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (3/1/2015)

Andre Miller should be HOFer. Straight up. Try to debate me on this point. You will lose.

Don’t even try bringing up his scoring averages. Basketball is a team game, and a player who makes his teammates better by his presence does not himself need to chuck the ball like a maniac. The curators of the hall are seemingly blind to this fact, preferring mindless scoring over nuanced playmaking ability.

That’s not to say that Andre 3000 can’t score when the need arises; who could ever forget his 52 point performance? Then again, one could say that his 22 assist game back in 2001 was even more impressive.

Andre is getting a little long in the tooth, and soon we will be forced to face a league without his savvy presence. However, he still has the ability, as shown tonight, to rack up dimes when given minutes, and his jumper remains as flat as ever. 12 points and 10 assists at age 38? Father Time is wondering why this guy won’t go down.

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