Ish Smith Career High 19 Points/Career High 9 Assists Full Highlights (3/2/2015)

Ah yes, the fabled “career-high in career-highs”. The most storied of all basketball accomplishments. A performance so far out of the norm, that all one can do is gaze with childlike awe at the expertly compiled highlight package.

No surprise that Ish “Dish” Smith achieved this accolade while a member of the 76ers, a team with a gaping hole at point guard. Isaiah Canaan is a SG, and, well, who else is there? JaKarr Sampson? Ish isn’t the greatest point in the world, but he’ll do, for now.

The one thing Smith has going for him that allows him to hang on for dear life around the fringes of the league is his incredible speed. He’s faster with the ball in his hands then almost anyone else, so even though he can’t shoot, he can often just drive by everybody for a layup. Sometimes he passes the ball when he does this. Behold: the point guard of Philly’s future (or at least the next six weeks)!

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